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“When you coach with us you will get the best global 

coaching services. We built all our services and products

from our own processes that worked

for us in life and business.”

CEO | Founder

Entrepreneur since 1999

Amena Kay Thornton







Who is Amena Kay Thornton?

Amena is a highly skilled advisor for businesses and personal coach for those looking to improve their skills and get to the next level. With over 20 years of running her own online startups, real estate portfolio, and coaching business, she can quickly access your problem areas and give you the tools to meet your goals quickly. 
As the CEO and Founder of she uses her skills to reach globally and works with life and business coaches to help people worldwide.

We are a Team of Global Coaches at

Online coaching and events uses Facebook and Zoom to put together online events for individuals and businesses. Check out our Events Page for Current Events.

We can create a custom event focused on your goals. Just set up a call with us and we can talk about your needs and wants:

group and private coaching with Amena Kay Thornton

There are a few ways you can one up your success with Amena. We have groups on facebook, private coaching through Zoom or phone. 

Sign Up for Coaching Here

++ Self-coaching with Amena’s Ultimate Coaching Book, Daily Planner, and course videos in Academy 

+++ Schedule a call with a team member at for help in choosing the right coaching program for you or your business:

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Join Our Mission! Be a Coach:

how to join as a coach, health advisor, fitness advisor?

To be a coach in our network you must first fill out the form to be approved: Coaching with Amena 

Once approval is finished, you can join Amena’s VIP Speaker Group as a fellow coach and speaker.

our mission to help build you as a leader

“I build to bring together my skills as a two decade entrepreneur to not only help buinesses and people I care about, but also to help train and work with other coaches around the global to fight mental health issues and give everyone the oppunitunity to learn skills in goal setting, habits, and health.” – Amena Kay Thornton

where do i start my journey?

"coaching only starts when you make a decision to change."
amena Kay Thornton

What do I need to know to Get Started with Amena?

In this section we will cover basic questions about coaching and what to get excited about! Amena provides business and life coaching in 3 major areas that covers 8 major life challenges, and we at want to be sure we are servicing you best. If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to contact us by phone or text at 540-755-0550 or by using our online contact form.

How can I get Private Coaching Directly with Amena Kay Thornton?

IIt’s easy! Just go to the coaching page and purchase private coaching. Once you do you will get a email that will ask you to sign up for a date and time to start! If you need help at anytime setting up call or text: 540-755-0550

What are the Three Areas Amena Focuses on?

Like the podcast One Up with Amena. Each of the three Main focuses on are Mindset, Success, and Motivation. These are the three areas of Amena Kay Thornton’s own life that needed improving and healing that healed her physical, emotional iimbalances.

What Are the 8 Major Life Challenges can help With?

Amena’s system is broken down to focus and build new habits, patterns, and release bad programming from the mind in Self Love, Family, Career, Relationships, Spiritual, Learning, Experiences, and Giving. 

It is recommended to only focus on 1-2 life challenges in a 12-week cycle with to retrain your subconscious it takes daily dedication, patterns, and time.

What type of coaching is available to My Company?

“I love businesses! My parents continue to run their build my whole life and I have gotten many opportunities to coach them over my own entrepreneur journey since 1999. That being said, each business is unique with its own culture and people. My team at will develop a program that fits your needs and schedule. Just contact us” – Amena Kay Thornton 540-755-0550

I Want To Get A Custom Course Made For My Company. Do You Provide This Service?

Yes! We do! With Academy we make it easy for you and your company to get online coaching whenever and wherever you are located on the globe. Please contact us via email using our contact page and include your phone number and the details of the type of course you need and for how many people. We will get the team together and give you a call with the details!

I Am Limited On Funds Right Now, But Love To Join! How Can I?

There are tons of ways for you to join! Amena.Media we have series to learn from, on Amena.FM you can listen to our podcast, join our public coaching group, be sure to read our Articles, follow on Facebook, you can even follow Amena directly, and join her private community by text message by just saying “hi” to 540-269-4382

One Up w/ Amena Mindset. Success. Motivation direct to your email box.